DevOps for a big employer in Berlin

Freelance role at least 1 year with option to extend

What they are looking for

The company is looking for a quickly learning and highly motivated DevOps Engineer to join their DevOps team. You will be responsible for a variety of operations related tasks like config management with Salt in our self-hosted OpenStack cloud as well as finding stable solutions for new products together with the development teams.

Thinking out of the box to improve and shape the platforms is highly appreciated. They are continuously striving for better solutions to reduce their day-to-day workload (automation).

Their self-written platform as a service infrastructure already enables developers to bring their applications live to site in an unattended way using continuous deployment technologies like jenkins, docker and marathon/mesos. Running multiple datacentres in active/active mode creates opportunity for challenging tasks. The team itself is embedded in a bigger Operations group consisting of more than 100 people. Constant knowledge sharing and collaboration in addition to being able work on cross-team projects adds up to this interesting position.

What the company expects from you

  • 5+ years of experience
  • Experience in scripting languages, Ruby is a big plus
  • Experience in configuration management like Saltstack, Ansible or puppet
  • Experience in programming languages like Python or Go is a big plus too
  • Experience with VCS, preferably git, github knowledge is a plus
  • Experience with Platform-as-a-Service (consul, marathon/mesos, nomad) is a big plus

Abou the employer and the benefits

The company is one of the big global players and the marketleader / monopolist in its market.

You will work for 2 subcompanies in a cool location with a very international team.

What they offer as benefits:

  • Richly diverse and innovative Ops and PD teams
  • Ability to work self-organized and self-responsible
  • Working on platform that impacts the life of million of people
  • On-Campus benefits like a canteen, a gym, beach volleyball and basketball courts

How to apply

Please email to

  • Write your full name and “DevOps” in the the subject line
  • Attach your most recent CV
  • Tell us your availability / notice period
  • Tell us your salary expectations
  • Tell us if you think you are a junior, midlevel or senior

If you are interested in other interesting opportunities as well, please download the
skill matrix here
please fill the matrix, save it as word97 and attach it