We are always looking for ReactJs / Redux developers

Freelance and Permanent roles at good salary

Your skills

If should be experienced with several of the following:

  • colaborating tools like Jira, Git etc
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript / EcmaScript
  • ReactJs / Redux
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

Some experience with nodeJs, PHP or Java could be a plus.

You should be a teamplayer and some experience with working in an international team is a plus.

You shouldn't be scared if we ask for samples of your work or if we invite you for coding challenge.

About the companies and roles

We are permanently looking for Frontend Developers for freelance roles and permanent roles .
Our clients are from a wide range of companies. Some of them have German only teams other are open for english only, some help with visa and relocation.

Send your application tell us about your preferences and we will find the matching role.

How to apply

Please email to hiring@brainfinder.eu

  • Write your full name and “DevOps” in the the subject line
  • Attach your most recent CV
  • Tell us your availability / notice period
  • Tell us your salary expectations
  • Tell us if you think you are a junior, midlevel or senior

Please download the skill matrix here
Fill the matrix, save it as word97 and attach it to your application